Take Me To—Exploring the physical locations of networks

Infrastructure, Web Experience

Controllers for Pong—new forms of interacting with a familiar game

Interaction, Physical Computing

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The Train and The Station—a series of documentary shorts about the subway as a place and space, as a character

Film, Interactive Storytelling

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Birds in C—conduct an orchestra of birds through a re-interpretion of Terry Riley’s “In C”

Web Instrument

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Acquiring Design—an interface for exploring relationships within the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s collection.

Archive, Data

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Retrospective Oregon—digital breadcrumbs re-construct the memory of a road trip as a digital narrative

Mapping, Storytelling

Thermal Comfort Tool—an aid for analyzing thermal comfort and glazing selection

Tool, Data

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H2Do Rae Mi—a piano in which strings and hammers are replaced with wires and water

Interaction, Sound

Top Down—a walkable topography that challenges how we experience Toronto’s urban form

Installation, Data

The Everyday Icon—how the monumentality of Casa da Musica is transgressed as everyday activity is projected onto and into the blank container

Commentary, Essay

The Digital Pigeon—a sporadic email newsletter, containing a selection of hoarded internet tabs

Catalog, Inventory

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