Retrospective Oregon

Reassembling an event through its artifacts

When traveling down the coast of Oregon in 2013, I unknowingly left a trail of artifacts documenting the trip - photographs, credit transactions, Foursquare check-ins, the planned itinerary. Using these pieces, the project reassembles the trip through the projective (planned) and retrospective (actual) experiences. In the process of reassembling, how do artifacts differ from their memory and anticipated occurance?

Independent Project, 2015

Role: user flows, wireframes, animated prototyping, interface design

Retrospective Oregon constitutes only data inadvertently captured. Data is a point for remembering the experience, and clusters of data - rather than suggestions from guidebooks or lists on TripAdvisor - indicate points of interest.

The project attempts to reconcile the projective (planned) itinerary with the retrospective (actual) itinerary.

Places along the trip are defined by clusters of data - credit transactions, Foursquare check-ins, time stamps from photos.

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