Glazing and Comfort Tool

An aid for designing glazed facades with the desired levels of transparency, comfort and energy performance

Through a set of inputs, designers provide, adjust and compare glazing geomtries and thermal properties to understand occupant comfort within the space. A visual representation of the proposed facade allows users to compare aesthetic choices with building performance results. The tool quantifies overall radiant heat loss through the glass as well as the downdraft along the glass, both of which lead to occupant discomfort.

Designer at Payette, 2016

Role: user testing, wireframes, interface mockups, front-end development

Launch live site

Throughout the project, I conducted user research and testing with colleagues to identify what information was pertinent to selecting glazing systems.

Beyond quantifying thermal comfort, the tool also offers explanation of the conditions and how to improve discomfort.

A key feature enabled users to share content via PDF, a live link and a CSV output to address the needs of various stakeholders.

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